Port Alberni Friendship Center celebrates spring with Family Gathering Community Dinner

Port Alberni, BC

The Port Alberni Friendship Center (PAFC) opened its doors to families on Friday, March 31 to celebrate spring.

Guests were treated to spaghetti dinner with refreshments while they chatted. PAFC employees Chantel Lalonde and Roxy Taylor served up plates of food while taking down names for door prizes.

There were fewer guests than expected, likely because the PAFC was hosting another celebration at The Shelter on Eighth. The PAFC was recently awarded the contract to manage the shelter beginning April 1, 2023.

The dinner was a wonderful way to wrap up Residential School Survivors Wellness Days, also hosted by PAFC. Over two days residential school survivors were invited to spend the morning receiving counselling support, or take part in self-care activities, cultural activities, arts and crafts.

The elders were still talking about the great time they had on March 28 and 31 Residential School Survivors Wellness Days at the family dinner.

Funding for the Residential School Survivors Wellness Day came from the National Association of Friendship Centres. Funding for the spring dinner came from the provincial government.

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