Eric Plummer

Reconciliation bill debated in Ottawa

Over the coming months the Senate is tasked with finalizing legislation that pledges to hold the federal government accountable in improving Canada’s relationship with its Indigenous peoples.

But the day after Bill C-29 was unanimously passed by the House of Commons, the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami withdrew support for the legislation, while another national organization advocating for off-reserve Indigenous people stands against the act.

Murder raises housing urgency for city’s marginalized

A murder in Port Alberni’s poorest neighbourhood has raised the urgency for an upcoming development that will house the city’s marginalized residents.

Just before 9 p.m. on Dec. 2 police found three people injured from knife wounds, with one person who was killed during the incident on Port Alberni’s lower 4th Avenue. Police tape was put up at a unit in the Wintergreen Apartments, a building next to an empty lot full of run-down trailers being rented for low rates.

Washington bans fish farms, while DFO gives B.C. industry flexibility

With a recent executive order banning commercial fish farms in Washington State waters, British Columbia is left as the only jurisdiction on the North Pacific coast to still have large-scale, industrial finfish aquaculture.

And now the industry faces an approaching deadline to make “a responsible plan to transition from open net pen salmon farming in coastal British Columbia by 2025,” according to a mandate from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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