Ahousaht delays opening of schools due to cases

Ahousaht, BC

The opening of Ahousaht’s Maaqtusiis Elementary and Secondary Schools has been delayed due to rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in the village. According to Rebecca Atleo, Ahousaht’s director of education, the school will hopefully open Sept. 27, 2021.

“Unfortunately, the numbers of positive COVID cases in our departments warranted closing all the departments in our education system,” Atleo wrote in an email to Ha-Shilth-Sa.

She went on to state that janitorial staff will do a deep sanitizing of all Ahousaht’s education buildings.

“We have assured parents that the required number of hours will not be affected,” she added.

The school will continue to supply hand sanitizers to its students for the remainder of the school year as a safety measure not only for COVID-19, but also for general colds and flu.

Atleo indicated that there is concern about the families that traveled to Port Alberni during the Fall Fair weekend.

“We shall see what happens after this Fall Fair weekend.  Quite a few of our community members attended with their children,” she noted.

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